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Wohlenberg 76 Guillotine

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Wohlenberg 76 Guillotine

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Wohlenberg 76 Guillotine

Binding Store is pleased to offer this excellent condition 1997 Wohlenberg 76 Guillotine that we received direct from a local authority in-plant. The Wohlenberg 76 Guilltoine is a fully programmtic Paper Guillotine and has been fully serviced since new by Friedheim International. it’s specifications are controlled by a user-friendly computer programmed colour-screen and comes equipped with  FFN Lightguard. The Guillotine comes with 3 blades, side tables, front and back air beds and a current Health and Safety Certificate. The Wohlenberg 76 is a 3 phase machine and can cut up to B2 Sheet size.

This Guillotine is ideal for commercial printers/ finishers and bindery work.

Graphic display of the sheet to be cut  Fully-automatic  Single cut  Programmed cut  Repeat cut  Clamping only, no cut  Actual position transfer  Automatic paper ejection  Correction of register lay  Correction of cut size  Pocket calculator functions  Alpha-numerical programme sorting  Cut counter, separate for greasing, knife change, daily counter, general counter.

Don’t take our word for it – Look at this piece from Print Week!

“It is testament to a machine’s build quality that it’s still considered a good-value purchase more than a decade after its launch. It was shortly after Baumann Group acquired Wohlenberg that the Cut-Tec guillotine range was born in 1996. The machine replaced the manufacturer’s MCS-TV product range, which is still available secondhand.

The range was available in six cutting widths: 760mm (Cut-Tec 76), 920mm (92), 1,150mm (115), 1370mm (137), 1,550mm (155) and 1,850mm (185). Features included a positioning ­system that maintained the quality of the cut using a ­frequency control drive motor. The Cut-Tec also had a speedy back gauge to get the paper in position quickly.

Also incorporated was an infrared safety beam with an additional light barrier. This meant that only the front of the guillotine needed to be monitored. A centrally positioned clamping cylinder also eliminated any possibility of uneven clamp pressure. The Cut-Tec’s frame was manufactured as a one-piece cast to ensure strength and rigidity. A cheaper fibre-glass cabinet was used on the older MCS-TV, which was replaced by a steel cabinet on the Cut-Tec”

max. cut width : 760 mm
width of machine : 1300 mm
deep of machine : 1100 mm
height of machine : 1500 mm
weight of machine approx. 1100 kg


Wohlenberg 76 Guillotine