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Draughtsman 34 3:1 Wire Binder (Formerly Milbind)

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Draughtsman 34 3:1 A4 Round Hole Wire Binding Machine

Binding Store are proud to introduce the Draughtsman 34 3:1 A4 ROUND HOLE Wire Binding Machine, ideal for A4 size catalogues, documents and brochures up to 13mm in thickness. The Draughtsman 34 is a full size A4 machine which can also bind A5 and A6.

The Draughtsman 34 was the machine of choice for many offices when it was supplied by James Burn International due to its longevity and simplicity. The Draughtsman 34 is also ideal for bigger formats thanks to its registration pin allowing A3 formats to be punched. The Draughtsman 34 punches 4mm round holes which is often preferred by businesses and finishers to the more common square holes.

British made, our range of Draughtsman wire binding machines are easy to use and the robust cast iron construction ensures a long life and maximum performance. Our machines are suitable to use with all makes of 3:1 wire.

Why we love it:

  • Exclusive round hole punching
  • Great quality machine – UK manufactured
  • Simple but long-lasting

Product details:

  •     Fixed round punching tool for 3:1 pitch for diameters from 3/16 (5.5mm)  to 5/8″ (16mm)
  •     Closure mechanism for all diameters both in the 2:1 and 3:1 pitches with two handles for perfect adjustment
  •     Punching length 300mm (A4 = 34 round holes)
  •     Selector for standards A5 (210 mm=24 round holes)
  •     Micrometer adjustable side lay
  •     Volume thickness gauge
  •     Register pin for punching oversize documents (in excess of 300mm). In this case, the document must be turned and the final hole inserted in the register pin.
  •     Maximum punch thickness of 1,5 mm per stroke