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Watkiss / Morgana SpineMaster

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Watkiss / Morgana SpineMaster- Square-Back Books

Binding Store are pleased to offer For Sale this Excellent condition Watkiss / Morgana SpineMaster

This machine comes direct from a small digital printers company closure

Create the superior appearance of a Perfect Bound book with the combined security of a stitched spine.

The Watkiss SpineMaster takes traditional stitched booklets and transforms them into SquareBack booklets. These are flat and easy to pack, stack and handle. There is no risk of loose pages – you can even print on the spine giving added value.

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The professional appearance of the SpineMaster SquareBack booklets make them the preferred choice of print buyers
Booklets can be opened flat without damaging the spine
Flat booklets are easy to handle, stack and pack, move and store
Overall bulk is reduced by at least one third
Like a perfect bound book, the SquareBack spine can be printed on
Superior quality and appearance means added value

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