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  • Rapid 106E Twin Rig Stapling Machine
  • Rapid 106E Twin Rig Stapling Machine sale
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Used Rapid 106E Twin Rig Stapling Machine

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Binding Store Ltd are pleased to offer you this great condition Used Rapid 106E Twin Rig Stapling Machine. This model came from a small print room and has been handled with great care!

About Rapid 106E Twin Rig Stapling Machine

The Rapid 106E Twin Rig incorporates two standard Rapid 106E staplers connected via the Opto Cable and linked by the fixed position saddle staple table. Ideal for short run booklet production or editing existing booklets that cannot be re-processed through any automated system. Ideally designed to be attached to the desktop in the office or print room to quickly offer a double stapled saddle document.

Two, three or four staplers can be connected in series with an opto cable for simultaneous multi-stapling making it ideal for the packaging, booklet making and manufacturing companies. The design of the Rapid 106E offers a flexible ability to mount these machines together in a variety of formats ensuring virtually every quick multi-stapling requirement can be met.

The unique design which utilises an interchangeable staple head and a compact pneumatic damper means that the wearing parts can easily be exchanged in minutes making the staple head as good as new and prolonging the life of the machine.

Why buy? For business owners

The Rapid 106E Twin Rig is a flexible multi head desktop stapling solution capable of offering saddle staple requirements with a swift quiet action applying two staples simultaneously. Ideally designed for the office, copy shop, print or packaging environments. Unique design allows for a wide variety of setups to be achieved with multiple machines linked together via the opto cable meaning multiple staples in to a single item in each pass.

Easy staple head change, reliable pneumatic damper operation and low cost of parts means the Rapid 106E will serve your company for a long time without issue. Safety is also foremost with the Rapid range with a quick lift clear safety cover which cuts power if it is opened to access the staple area.

Why buy? For operators

Easy to use, silent in operation, reliable and heavy duty for continued use, perfectly suited to the industrial requirements these machines are often purchased for. Foot pedal or micro-switch operation ensures both hands are always free for the easiest operation possible. Linking multiple machines together eases the requirement for multiple passes through the stapler to achieve two, three or four staples in to one document, ideal for short run booklet making production.


• Applies two staples in one action

• Foot Pedal activates both staple heads simultaneously

• Heavy duty twin saddle stapling solution

• Staples up to 50 sheets in one go

• Multiple machines can be linked using opto cable

• Up to 4 machines can be fired simultaneously when linked

• Silent in operation

• Easy change staple head for reliable operation

• Perfect for packaging, copy shop, print room or the office

Typical Applications

• Booklets

• Packaging Materials

• Quick Read Documents

• General Office Information

• Attaching card information hangers to retail products