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Binding Store Ltd are pleased to offer this great condition Morgana Digifold complete with operators manual.

The first integrated creasing and folding machine – the versatile DigiFold

The revolutionary DigiFold is manufactured in the UK by Morgana Systems Ltd., the company that made an earlier breakthrough in digital finishing technology with the AutoCreaser. The AutoCreaser provided the first fully automated solution to one serious problem inherent in the digital print process – the tendency of output to crack when folded without previously being creased. The DigiFold goes a vital step further by combining this proven creasing technology with a new, patented folding method that reduces the possibility of marking or scratching even the most sensitive materials.

By combining the functions of creasing and folding in a single, compact unit, Morgana has provided the printer with a highly productive, easy to use and mobile finishing centre that is equally effective with digital output or with heavy, cross-grained stocks printed by conventional means. Versatile DigiFold Works in Two Ways.

• As an integrated creaser/folder performing both functions in a single pass
• As a creaser alone, when folding is not required.

DigiFold – The Background

The DigiFold concept is the result of substantial investment and years of research and development work by Morgana Systems. The unit incorporates the automated creasing technology (using a creasing rule and matrix)
that has made the Morgana AutoCreaser a huge success in markets throughout the world. Morgana is also highly regarded for its folders, such as the best-selling UFO series, but for DigiFold the company has come up with something entirely new. The patented folding system used in the DigiFold dispenses entirely with buckle plates or conventional knives, using instead an electronically controlled ‘flying knife’ contoured around extra large diameter rollers and moving at the same speed as the material passing through the machine. Rather than the solid reflector used in most folders, the DigiFold uses another patented device in the form of a dynamic sheet deflector that only comes in contact with the leading edge of the sheet. This allows single or multiple folds to be performed without risk of scratching or marking.

DigiFold – How it Operates

For standard configurations, DigiFold works in ‘Set-to-Fold’ mode. Once the required fold and sheet length have been selected, a powerful programme automatically sets the creasing and folding position. ‘Set-to-Position’ operation is employed when extra creases are needed or difficult configurations have to be programmed. In this mode the operator dials in the creasing and folding positions. A third method of operation allows the DigiFold to be used as an automated creasing machine.
• Handles sheet sizes to 630 x 330mm
• Will fold and crease substrates in excess of 400gsm+
• Fully automated operation
• Head-up display for easy set-up


Set up as easy as 123

The digital print market demands document finishing products that not only overcome the problems associated with new printing technologies but also products which are easy to set-up. This market very often lends itself to shorter run lengths or variable data. Therefore speed of ‘make-ready’, minimal wastage and ease of operation are key purchasing criteria. The Morgana DigiFold matches these criteria by using advanced electronics. A two level menu shown on the ‘head-up’ display asks whether you want to crease and fold, crease only, or fold only. Thereafter the operator simply selects the type of job required, dials in the sheet length or crease positions and automation takes over. With any document finisher it may be necessary to make small adjustments. The DigiFold allows crease or fold positions to be adjusted by increments of 0.1mm (0.004″). The position of the delivery stacker and fold rollers can also be adjusted to compensate for substrate thickness.


Anti Cracking

Creasing versus Scoring Traditional rotary scoring machines use circular blades that are in constant motion as the stock passes through them. This creates a ploughing action that actually cuts through the top fibres of the paper or card in order to create a score. Inevitably this weakens the paper and encourages cracking. In contrast, the Morgana DigiFoldemploys a unique creasing rule and matrix that eliminates tearing and, therefore, cracking.

Morgana Digifold 1