Rilecart F500 Punch
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Rilecart F-500 Punching Machine

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Rilecart F-500 Punching Machine

This Semi-Automatic Rilecart F-500 Punching Machine is in great working condition and ready for the calendar season. Complete with 2 x 230mm 4mm square hole dies and 1 x calendar thumb-cut die making it ideal for book work without calendar thumb cut or for calendar work with thumb cut.

How it works:
The F-500 makes punching easy: the operator simply inserts the paper under the carter and presses the foot pedal. Following manual insertion of the wire and the hook.

F-500 Features

  •     Maximum Punching length: 530 mm
  •     Maximum Punching thickness per stroke: 2,5 mm
  •     Punching distance from the  edge is adjustable from 2 mm. up to 6 mm depending on the tools used
  •     Foot operated
  •     Set up for 300 mm. and 230 mm punching bars, alone, coupled or in combination with 70 mm thumb-cut punching bars, giving a maximum length of530 mm in         the same pitch.
  •     Maximum output: up to 1000 punchings/hour, depending on materials used and skills
  •     of operator
  •     Wide range of punching tools available, including tool for plastic-coils holes.

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