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Nagel Citoborma 490 4 Head Paper Drill

£4,750.00 ex Vat | £5,700.00 inc.VAT

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Binding Store are pleased to offer For Sale this great condition Nagel 490 paper drill! This has come straight from a large corperate in-house print department who have meticulously cared for this machine! Fitted with 4 Brand New 6mm Teflon drill bits.

Precision for professional applications.

The paper drilling machine Citoborma 490 offers the perfect solution for all requirements and materials. Robust and extremely precise even under heavy duty, the compact Nagel Citoborma 490 is a professional paper drilling machine. This easy-to-operate machine comes with a wide range of standard equipment. Additionally the drill can be customized to meet even highly specialized requirements with optional accessories.

One machine for all applications
You can drill holes of various sizes in all kinds of material, such as paper, cardboard, plastics, leather, and textiles, with drill bit diameters ranging from 2 to 35 mm and a maximum pile height of 60 mm.The machine is suitable for large sheet sizes, due to a working width of 460 mm and a thoat depth of 270 mm behind the drill bits. The greater depth permits drilling of two A4 sheets (one A3 sheet) in onepass. By using up to 6 heads, a single stroke is all you need for many drilling jobs.

Drilling and table lifting speed can be adjusted steplessly through a potentiometer. It reduces the heat that gets generated when drilling plastics or holes with larger diameters.

Total reliability under toughest conditions
The Citoborma 490 is designed for extremely heavy duty; it uses standard heads made of robust grey cast iron or special heads made of high-grade aluminium alloy. All spindles have an axial thrust bearing. Drill bit sharpeners and special cardboard pads ensure a long service life.

The result – precision
Ultimate precision: Ground steel profiles make sure that the drill spindles and the drill table are guided without play. The splined shaft drive ensures a non-s|ip power transmission and the long spindle guide keeps the drill bits on centre.

User-friendly and functional
The drill heads can be adjusted infinitely; the adjustment is quick and easy to make. The length of the drill bits is adjusted without tools. Thanks to the quick-action chucks of the drill, bits can be changed very quickly, which increases overall efficiency

The features: More than standard

  • Two drilling speeds
  • Constant feed rate
  • Simple adjustment of the back stop and the table lift by handwheel
  • Side stop with quick-action lock
  • Optimum safety due to two-hand operation, reversible mode and
    safety cover