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Morgana DigiFold 5000P Folder Creaser

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This A1 condition 2015 Morgana DigiFold 5000P has just come off its lease contract and is in supurb condition having had very minimal use. Available for demonstration at or showroom in Welwyn Garden City.

By combining the functions of creasing and folding in a single compact unit, Morgana has provided a highly productive, easy to use mobile finishing centre that is equally effective with digital output or with heavy cross-grained stocks printed by conventional means and laminated stocks. The DigiFold 5000P needed to combine Morgana’s proven creasing technology with a new way of folding that minimized the possibility of marking or scratching even the most sensitive materials. Speed increases when running smaller stocks and is achieved by creasing the sheet without stopping it, yet maintaining an

accuracy of +/-0.1mm. This speed is maintained mirrespective of the number of creases being applied to the sheet.

Machine Features:

  • Eliminates cracking and scratching
  • Heavy duty suction feed
  • Load-on-the-run
  • Fully programmable and automatic set up
  • Sonic double detector to ensure integrity
  • Perforating (standard feature)
  • Powerful pump for greater airflow efficiency
  • Flying knife technology

Machine Specifications:

  • Speed: 5000/ hour (A4)
  • Max sheet size: L 700mm x W 385mm
  • Min sheet size: L 210mm x W 140mm
  • Stock weight: 100-400gsm
  • Max number of folds per sheet: 2
  • Max number of programmes: 9
  • Weight: 190 kg
  • Machine dimensions:
    L 1980mm x W 655mm x H 1265mm
  • Electrical requirements: 220/ 240 V

While designing the new DigiFold 5000P Morgana took the opportunity to make it JDF ready. This applies to all of our new equipment. We believe that over the coming months and years more users will require bindery operations to become part of an automated work-flow process. We can now do this on both DigiFold 5000P and DocuMaster. The vastly increased speed and productivity of the DigiFold 5000P now make it a viable proposition for litho printers who suffer the same cracking problems as
digital printers.


  • The Morgana DigiFold 5000p allows crease or fold positions to be adjusted by
    increments of 0.1mm.
  • The versatile DigiFold 5000P has several uses:
    – As an integrated creaser/folder
    – As a stand alone creaser when folding is not required
    – As a perforator when creasing/folding are not required.
  • The infeed rollers can be adjusted to compensate for
    varying weights of stock and to eliminate any possible
    marking on sensitive materials.
  • The central joystick control as a lever enables all operation
    to be set by moving it up and down or left and right.
  • Head-up display provides the operator with a series of
    prompts including positioning of the creases, setting the
    speed of the machine, storing jobs and counting facility.
Morgana DigiFold 5000P 1 (2)