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Morgana DigiCoater 33 UV Coater

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Morgana DigiCoater 33 UV Coater – Add Value to Digital and Litho Print

UV coaters give the perfect finish that will enhance, protect and add value to your print.

We have receieved an great condition  Morgana DigiCoater 33 UV Coater complete with Morgana 8000 feeder making this a fully automatic system.  This would be a great addition to anyone looking to add value to digital or litho print.

UV Coating is rapidly being adopted as a means to enhance, protect and add value to your digital and litho printed documents. The application of a gloss UV Varnish can be used enhance the print quality, making colours appear richer and more vivid, as well as offering protection for documents being frequently handled. UV Coating is widely considered as being a more environmentally friendly alternative to lamination as virtually no waste is produced in the production process. Unlike laminated stocks, which normally should be treated as plastic waste, UV coated stocks can be disposed of or recycled as normal printed paper would be. Key Product Features

  • Automatic touch screen operation
  • Multiple coating options
  • Can be used to prime printing stock
  • Variable coating thickness
  • Multiple supply tanks with semi auto wash
  • Sheet weight 400gsm+
  • Filtered re-circulation system
  • Variable speed to 30 metres per minute
  • Enclosed System For Dust Free Prints
  • Compact footprint
  • Option of Morgana-8000 suction feeder to make a fully automatic machine.
  • The DigiCoater 33 is ideal for those printers working with litho presses and digital print engines whose maximum width is 330mm. The DigiCoater 33 comes with 3 tanks and 1 coating roller and can be used for UV coating OR priming, but not for doing both at the same time. The tanks are fully enclosed within the body of the machine. The DigiCoater 33 is controlled by a sophisticated touch screen panel making operation a very simple process. Coating thickness and stock thickness are controlled by calibrated levers on either side of the coater. A choice of suction feeders is available depending on the work being produced. A top feeder would be specified for large quantities while a bottom fed device would be preferable for smaller quantities and continuous running. All feeders offer total sheet control to the operator and ensure that all sheets are presented to the DigiCoater at the correct speed. The DigiCoater 33 has an integral catch tray but can also be ordered with a fully featured jogger either at time of order or at a later date. Cleaning down the DigiCoater 33 couldn’t be easier. It is a semi automatic machine so the operator simply has to move a lever to change the pump from the varnish tank to the cleaning tank for the clean down cycle and back again once complete.  Simple one-finger operation. Never before has operation of a UV Coater been so easy. The intelligent touch screen interface allows you to control every aspect of production from start to finish. Variable data fields allow you to precisely control throughput speed. Select from primer, coating station and which coating tanks to use. Clean ups are semi automatic with cleaning and drain times specified through the touch screen control panel. A gloss varnish is often used to enhance the appearance of documents, brochures or flyers, as the coating reflects back the light and makes colours appear richer and more vivid. A gloss coating can add impact to the print, especially in sales or promotional material, where optimum presentation of images is important. A matt varnish gives the printed surface a non-glossy, smooth look. This type of seal is sometimes used to ‘soften’ the appearance of a printed image. Small text in a leaflet or booklet can be easier to read on a surface coated with matt vanish as the coating scatters the light and reduces glare. A textured finish allows the designer to create a special effect on the printed surface. This is achieved by using a textured roller.
  • This machine can be offered without the feeder as a hand fed model. Contact us for further pricing details.

The machine runs on 32amp single phase (UV Coater) and 13 amp single phase (8000 Feeder)

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