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Mamo SQ320 Digit Booklet Maker 2020

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Binding Store are pleased to offer this 2020 Mamo SQ320 digit booklet maker in great condition now for sale!

The Mamo SQ320 is a professional booklet making system integrated with patented squareback technology as well as the ability to produce the latest Landscape A4 booklets without the need for any tooling or modifications. The SQ320 offers a professional booklet finish on a wide range of substrates and is equipped with Mamo’s superior engineering all wrapped up in a compact footprint. The SQ320 can process a wide range of booklet sizes from miniature booklets in sheet formats from 140 x 160mm to create an 80 x 140mm booklet and in larger sizes in up to 320 x 615mm, ideal for landscape A4 applications.

The SQ320 is also compatible with both flat and loop staples making this solution extremely flexible and desirable in the latest digital print environments. All format changes for booklet length, squareback operation, squareback pressure, staple position, batch count and operating mode that can be manual or auto, are centrally controlled through the clear Digital User Interface & LCD Display. An easy to use jogger wheel with push confirm function ensures format changes or minor alterations are completed in seconds, very little training is needed to get started on the SQ320. The SQ320 can house up to 4 stitching heads which is ideal for two up designs or to add more security to the bind edge on difficult substrates.

The Mamo SQ320 has two operating modes, Manual Mode and Auto Mode. In Manual Mode the stitching must be activated manually after feeding by pressing the start button. This is ideal for new users or stock that is tricky to handle. The Auto Mode will start the machine automatically after feeding, this is controlled by an integrated photo sensor which detects the sheets as they reach the rear stopper. Thanks to the auto start the production of the SQ320 is increased to up to 460 booklets per hour. In short the Mamo SQ320 with its sturdy structure and intuitive digital user interface, will be your reliable partner for fast and cost effective binding needs for presentations, catalogues, menu’s, order of service and many more!


Produces up to Landscape A4 Booklets (594 x 210mm)

Produces Miniature Booklets in sizes as small as 80 x 140mm

Integrated Squareback Technology

Compact Design with Mobile Stand

Can handle a wide variety of media

User friendly

Digital User Interface with Jogger Button Scroll and Push Confirm

Production Counter

Auto Start/Stop

Up to 480 books per hour

Very Robust Construction

The only Landscape A4 Booklet Maker with Integrated Squareback technology


Common uses:

Coupon Booklets

University Prospectus



Financial Reports


CD Booklets