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Horizon BQ150 Perfect Binding Machine

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Horizon BQ150 Perfect Binding Machine

Binding Store are pleased to offer this 2002 Hot Melt Glue Horizon BQ150 Perfect Binding Machine. The Cover stock is glued to the book spine and clamped for a neat, square-spined finish.

Simple Operation, the Horizon BQ150 Perfect Binding Machine requires no special skills and can be managed simply from reading the instruction manual. The book spine is notched with a roughening cutter for excellent glue penetration and a real strong bind to ensure a perfect finish. The Horizon BQ150 has a unique, powerful nipping mechanism that produces a sharp, professional book spine with every document bound.

The spine thickness is between 1 and 30mm and Maximum spine length is 320mm. The maximum operator speed for this machine is approximately 200 cycles per house for perfect binding and 120 cycles per hour for padding. The Horizon BQ150’S warm up; time is approximately 20 minutes making it an ideal solution for short run digital perfect binding. A particular advantage of the Horizon BQ-150 is its ability to bind A4 Landscape books.  Most larger binders do not have this capability.

Three forms of binding can be performed on the Horizon BQ-150:

  1. Perfect Binding- With full wrap around cover
  2. Spine Taping- Using clear PVC Cover sheets for great presentations
  3. Padding without cover- For desk Note pads.