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Duplo DC-645 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser

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This excellent condition  Duplo DC-645 is offered for sale as owners from 01/02/2022. Fully maintained by Duplo International and complete with 55mm Business Card Module and Rotary Perf Module and P.C, Monitor and software.

The Duplo DC 645  Slitter/Cutter/Creaser for cutting, slitting and creasing documents such as business cards, menus, brochures and greeting cards.  The DC-645-i has been recognised as a high quality finishing system within the digital market.  It offers fast turnaround print production with 4 finishing processes in just 1 pass.  It can store up to 80 pre-programmed jobs in its memory. £49,000+VAT List price

Key Features

  • Process up to 26 sheets per minute
  • 80 memory programs
  • Up to 6 slits, 15 cuts and 10 creases in a single pass
  • Barcode scanner
  • Will take a full 650mm x 370mm, 350gsm sheet
Machine Type Slitter/Cutter/Creaser
Paper Size Input:Width 210mm -370mm
Length 210mm – 650mm
Minimum output size:slit width 48.0mm x cut length 85.0mm
Paper Type Non coated, Coated, Laminated
Margin Slit WIDTH 3.2mm-40.0mm from the paper edge
Gutter Slit WIDTH 5mm-15mm*
(Gutter strips wider than 15mm are output on the exit tray.)
Min Cut Length Lead edge cut: 3.2mm
Gutter cut: 4mm
Trail edge cut: 5.0mm
Trail edge cut: 5.0mm
Document Weight 110-350gsm
Slit – Cut – Crease
Up to 6 slits, 15cuts, 10 creases / document
Speed 26sheets/ min (A4 SEF 2cuts 1 crease)
Input Tray Capacity 100mm
Stacker Capacity 140mm
Optional Module Business card module
Perforation module
Rotary Score Module
Power 100V}10% 50/60Hz
120VAC 50/60Hz
230VAC 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption 100V 3.85A 325W
120V 3.3A 320W
230V 1.6A 300W
Dimension Opened: 2060mm(W) x 750 mm(D) x 1115 mm(H)
( with max document : 2500(W) x 750 mm(D) x 1115 mm(H))*
Folded: 1630mm(W) x 750 mm(D) x 1115 mm(H)
Weight 360kg (approx)

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