Uchida VS-55 Paper Drill
p-10537-uchida-manualp-10537-uchida-drill-bar-150×150Uchida VS-55 Paper Drill

Uchida VS-55 Paper Drill

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Recently received in after a customer used it for a one off short run job. Uchida VS-55 paper drill in excellent condition with 6mm tungsten drill bit (excellent for digital stock)

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Uchida VS-55 Paper Drill

Recently received in after a customer used it for a one off short run job. This Uchida VS-55 Paper Drill is in excellent condition with 6mm tungsten drill bit (excellent for digital stock)

Heavy duty programmable drill with sliding table and self centering paper guides and paper clamp.  Accepts dill bits from 3mm up to 9mm and upto 13mm with adapter.
The drill will do all the following popular hole punching styles, easily selected by a pre-programmed pitch bar on the side of the machine
  • 2 hole
  • 4 hole
  • 34 holes for wire binding (using 4mm drill bit)
  • 4 hole on A5
  • 6 hole for Filofax
Features and specs.
  • Single spindle
  • Accepts 3-13mm drill bits
  • Punch depth  –  50mm
  • Max. paper width  –  376mm
  • Adjustable back stop
  • Dims.  – W 480 x D 360 x H 685mm
  • Weight –  30kg
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