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Onglematic 6P+GP Tab Cutter

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Onglematic 6P+GP Tab Cutter

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Binding Store are pleased to offer this A1 condition Onglematic 6P+GP programmatic Tab Cutting Machine, Ideal for digital work and short run tab cutting.

The Onglematic 6P+GP Electric Tab Cutter is a fully programmable autocut tab cutting machine for easy production of short run tabbed dividers up to 31 part sets and 320mm in length.

It will just as effortlessly cut tag, manila, plastic sheets, PVC and Polypropylene sheets. Dividers are easily and rapidly cut immediately, as they are needed. Cut one set in minutes or as many as 500 sets of 9 tabs in less than an hour. It is very operator friendly and easily programmed to cut from 2 to 31 tabs with identical or variable tab widths within the same set. Stores up to 15 re-usable programs.

Bring production of expensive short run tabbing  in house!
  • Up to 31 part sets, on any paper length up to 320mm
  • Simple push button set up in 15 seconds
  • Paper clamping to prevent any movement whilst cutting
  • Cut tabs up to 500gsm with ease
  • Automatic cutting by foot switch activation
  • Automatic advance or or manual advance after each cut
  • Productivity: 500 sets of 9 tabs can be cut in less than 1 hr
  • The Onglematic 06P+GP model allow you to cut documents that are not (or not yet) bound
Onglematic 6P+GP Tab Cutter