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Full range of RENZ wire binding systems available. Binding Store supply all Renz binding machines and equipment, from office machines up to professional binding machines. Renz wire binding, spiral or coil binding and comb binding machines are all available. We also supply all Renz binding supplies and consumables including calendar hangers and binding covers. We have an extensive knowledge of each Renz binding machine so please do not hesitate to ask for information.

Renz supply all types of machinery including manual binding machines, semi-automatic binding machines up to high end professional binding equipment. They are unique in the fact they sell ONE PITCH WIRE which allows people that only use the larger 2:1 pitch wires to purchase these in all diameters from 5.5mm up to 38mm. Please see the standard wire list prices for 3:1 pitch and 2:1 pitch and accessories such as calendar hangers (PDF) and binding covers (PDF). Remember if you order through our website you will receieve 30% discount off of all these binding supplies prices.

The market leader in binding machines

Renz are market leaders in the production of high quality paper punching and binding systems and laminating machines and have over 100 years experience. All machines are built in Germany to the highest standard. Renz supply wire-o binding machines to over 80 countries and have subsidiaries in USA, France, Brazil, Australia, Holland, Argentina, Turkey, Czech Republic as well as the UK

Whether you are a book binder, school, office all the way up to a large bindery house or print finshers we will be happy to help find you a Renz binding machine that best suits your needs, and be here to answer any questions you may have along the way on trying to find the right binder. We work very closely with Renz UK and have an excellent on-going relationship with the company.

NEW Renz Machines in 2014!

In 2014 Renz launched 2 new bits of equipment. One of these was the Renz WP 300 ‘easy’ wire dispenser which is an affordable and much demanded manual equivalent to the existing electric WP 300. They also launched the Renz P700 which is a heavy duty punch, with a working width of 700mm, allowing for 2 x 350mm dies to be used in it.

Office 3:1 Machine

  • Renz RW Home – An entry level 3:1 pitch binding machine, ideal for home use
  • Renz RW 360 – A 3:1 manual binder for all standard A4 and A5 format work, working width of 360mm
  • Renz SRW 360 – As the RW 360 but with deselectable punch pins and variable margin depth to alter hole to page edge distance
  • Renz SRW 360 Comfort – As the SRW but with the electric motor module attached to create an electric punch for operator ease and quicker punching time
  • Renz ERW – A heavy duty 3:1 pitch binder that will punch up to 2.5mm thickness, intergrated binding table and 38 selectable pins

Office 2:1 Machines

  • Renz Eco Home – The entry level 2:1 pitch binding machine, ideal for home use and punching up to 1mm
  • Renz Eco C 360 – A 2:1 pitch machine that is perfect for people just wanting to punch and bind standard format A4 and A5 work
  • Renz Eco S 360 This machine will bind documents from 1/4″ up to 1 1/2″. Has 28 deselectable pins and variable margin depth
  • Renz Eco 360 Comfort – As the Eco S 360 but with the electric motor attached to create an electric punch and manual closeing machine
  • Renz Eco E – Heavy duty 2:1 pitch machine for punching documents up to 3mm and has a quick punching cycle of 1 second

Professional Binding Machines

  • Renz RSB 360 – Now discontinued but sometimes available 2nd hand. Semi automatic binding machine for books up to 360mm in width
  • Renz Mobi 360 – Book, Calendar and skip binding available, 3:1 and 2:1 pitch, requires very little training and no compressed air required. Single phase
  • Renz Mobi 500 – As the Mobi 360 but the working width is increased to 500mm for larger formats. Still only single phase
  • Renz Autobind 500, 700, 900 – Semi automaitc book and calendar binding machine with a working width off up to 900mm. Calendar hanger feeder optional.
  • Renz ABL 500 – Automatic binding machine for book, skip and calendar binding. Can process back covers furing production, prepared for modular extension with ASM 500 to create the Inline 500
  • Renz Inline 500 – Fully automatic punching and binding system with 1 feeding station. 3:1 and 2:1 pitch available. Requires compressed air.

Punching and closing machines

  • Renz DTP 340M – Ideal for busy offices, will punch up to 3.5mm and can have other renz binding modules attached to create a full binding system
  • Renz DTP 340A – Semi automatic binder with optional automatic punching activated by a sensor. Automatic paper dispenser delivering paper in to a tray
  • Renz WBS 360 – Wire closing module that will close wires from 1/4″ up to 1 1/2″. Can be attached to other Renz machines to create a full system
  • Renz ECL 360, 500, 700 – Electric wire closing machine with working widths of 360mm, 500mm and 700mm. Will work for all book and calendar work.

Spiral Binding Machines

  • Renz SPB 360 – Manual spiral punch and built in electric spiral inserting device. Will punch up to 2mm and has a working width of 360mm
  • Renz SPB 360 Comfort – As the SPB 360 but with the electric motor built in to offer a quick and easy electric punch and bind system
  • Renz 42SE and 62SE – Professional spiral binding machine with a working width from 100mm up to 620mm, 5mm and 6mm pitch.

Comb Binding Machines

  • Renz Private Bind – Entry level comb binder for home use, will punch up to 1mm thickness
  • Renz Combinette – Will punch up to 2.5mm in standard A4 format, ideal for simple repetitive comb binding jobs
  • Renz Combi S – 340mm working width, variable page depth margin and 28 selectable punch pins
  • Renz Combi V – Comb binder with variable margin depth, ideal for work up to standard A4 formats
  • Renz Combi Comfort – As the Combi S but with the electric motor attached to created an electric punch
  • Renz Combi E – Heavy duty electric comb binding machine that will punch up to 2.5mm with a quick 1 second punch cycle

Renz Instruction Manuals

Below is the complete set of Renz instruction manuals for all Renz binding machines including wire binding and closing, punching and laminating systems. The complete range from home and office binding equipment up to professional bindery equipment are available to download. These can be viewed at a click of a button and saved to your computer for future reference. Don’t let that machine get the better of you and struggle without your RENZ manual anymore!!

Home/Office Machines

Semi-Professional Binding Machines

Professional Binding Machines

See the Renz Mobi 500 Professional Binding Machine in action:

Below is a list of informative videos for all Renz wire binding and punching machines so you can see how the machine operates