Renz DTP 340M
DTP_340_M_3_1_die_360view_01DTP_340_M_3_1_die_360view_07DTP_340_M_3_1_die_360view_13Renz DTP 340M

Renz DTP 340M

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Renz DTP 340M

The Renz DTP 340M Punch is a high capacity electric paper punch and is the base for your small bookbindery.  The Renz DTP 340M Punch is space saving but heavy duty at the same time.  The punching capicity is 35mm and punch cycle takes only 1 second.  A full range of wire, spiral and comb dies are available and are all interchangeable, so it takes less than a minute to switch dies.

  • Expandable to Modular Binding System (MBS) for Ring Wire, plastic comb or coil binding.
  • Easily punches up to 20.000 sheets/h (70/80 gr.m²).
  • Electrically operated by foot switch.
  • The new drive system saves energy. Motor runs only if foot switch is pressed and will stop immediately after releasing.
  • Punching width up to max. 2 x 34 cm (2 x 13″).
  • Perforating twice=double length.
  • Adjustable lay-edge-guide.
  • Large capacity waste tray.
  • All punching dies, except spiral binding, are delivered with individually removable pins for fast and easy adjustment to size. Pins for spiral binding dies can only be adjusted for A4 and A5 size (8 1/2″ and 11″).
  • Change dies in less than 1 minute with new quick-release screws.

Technical Data:

  • Length: 36 cm (14 1/4″)
  • Width: 49 cm (19 3/8″)
  • Height: 25 cm (9″)
  • Weight: 40 kg (88 lbs.)
  • Working width: 34 cm (13″)
  • Motor: 230 V / 50 Hz / 0,25 kW or 115 V / 60 Hz / 250 W

Sale price is for stand alone Renz DTP 340M Punch machine with no dies or binding modules.