Punching Machines

Binding store supply a full range of new and used machine solutions from semi automatic modular punch systems to fully automatic punches for binderies capable of punching up to 150,000 sheets per hour. A full range of exchangeable punch tools compliments the equipment including calendar dies, 3:1 punch dies (3 holes to 1 inch), 2:1 punch dies (2 holes to one inch), Spiral binding dies and comb binding dies.

The three to one hole pattern is used for smaller books that are up to 5/8″ in diameter while the 2:1 pattern is normally used for thicker books as the holes are slightly bigger to accommodate slightly thicker, stronger wire. The exception to this rule is Renz “one pitch wire” This wire is offered in the full range from ¼” right up to 1 ½” in 2:1 pitch.

If there is anything you would like to discuss regarding these machines and consumables, feel free to contact us.

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