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JUD MR-720 Perfect Binding Machine

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Bindingstore are pleased to offer this used but in excellent condition  single clam perfect binding machine available from 05/10/20

This perfect binder has come straight out of a small family run Bookbinders and has been on a full maintenance contract since the day it was installed. This model comes with a Jun-Air Quiet lubricated air compressor (RRP £1,200). This equipment new will cost in excess of £40,000


The MR 720 is a professional Perfect binder for small and medium series providing maximum output in minimum time. 600 books / hour.

The MR720 has a suction feeder equipped with an automatic positioning of covers available for the programmer. Automatic pressing of double-grooved rollers ensures a perfectly square back, regardless of the weight of the cover.

Its integrated calculator measures the thickness of the document and carries out only the adjustments of the rivet rollers and the lateral gluing rolls. Simply put the book into the clamp and the machine adjusts automatically in a few seconds.

Its milling and grinding device with carbide tools makes it possible to bind 32-page folded sections.
Pneumatic cover interlocking device equipped with front and side rectifiers that position the cover to 1/10 mm. Its programmed stop by the touch screen controls a perfect spotting of the covers.

0% of spoils the MR720 produces books individually or in large series. Bringing you maximum profitability and quality.

The MR720 is equipped with a large capacity of glue tank comprising two cylinders for gluing two discs bonded jaw and a spinner wiper adjustable in height by vernier apply a regular adhesive film 0.5 To 1 mm: guaranteeing a resistance to any test.

Touch screen features: 

  • standby position to prevent the alteration of glue
    indication of the glue temperature.
  • based milling-roughening or function block.
  • fitting function block or drying.
  • feeder function and walking piecemeal.
  • jogger function.
  • sleep function for Automatic function.
  • automatic function cycle and cycle starting rate
  • automatic heat-up program.
  • casing time adjustment in second and 1/10 second
  • Glue temperature setting .
  • programming the position of the feeder cover and slipcase thickness of the document for double creasing and side gluing
  • counter of bound documents.