Horizon BQ 160PUR
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Horizon BQ-160 PUR Perfect Binder

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Horizon BQ-160 PUR Perfect Binder

Binding Store is pleased to offer this Horizon BQ-160 PUR Perfect Binder in A1 condition. Complete with all original tools and product manuals this PUR Binder has had absolute minimal use and really is ideal for the short run on demand digital market.

satisfying the fast-growing demand for short-run digital photo books and prepared book blocks for case binding. With its PUR adhesive system, the binder is also capable of padding and tape binding.  A dynamic color touchscreen allows the operator to easily adjust a range of settings including cover alignment with the spine, nipping pressure, clamping pressure and much more. The Horizon BQ-160 PUR Perfect Binding Machine includes energy-save and auto-off functions, the ability to notch in one or both directions. The Horizon BQ-160 PUR Perfect Binding Machine can produce extremely strong, high quality perfect bound books up to 40 mm thick at speeds up to 180 cycles per hour; it can handle light to moderate production needs in almost any environment. Pellet form PUR Glue can also be used with the Horizon BQ-160 PUR Binder.

Max Book Size 300 x 350 mm
Min Book Size 70 x 128 mm
Book Thickness Max 40 mm
Cycle Speed 180 cycles/hr