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Duplo DB280 Perfect Binding Machine

£2,750.00 ex Vat | £3,300.00 inc.VAT

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Duplo DB280 Perfect Binding Machine

Binding Store Ltd are pleased to offer this great condition Duplo DB280 Perfect Binder, This machine was bought new by a university in-plant and has had very light use.

The Duplo DB280 Perfect Binding Machine is suitable for soft covers, pads and tape binding.  The machine is very simple to use but still offers a professional finish to books and documents. This model comes complete with paper dust extractor to clear paper waste when the spine is roughed up for glueing ensuring a perfect bond.

This machine would be ideal for any digital printers looking to get in to the perfect binding market.

  • 200 books per hour
  • wraparound clamp press
  • very easy to operate
  • 2 glue applicators to ensure a strong bind

Why buy? For business owners

Simplicity of operation makes the DB-280 ideal for occasional use or to expand into a new business area. Low maintenance and simple mechanics result in a reliable machine which operates on a bench top at up to 200 books per hour. The wrap around clamp and cover nipping table deliver a high quality product which belies the way it is produced.

Why buy? For operators

The DB-280 is among the simplest and fastest short-run binding systems on the market. The book blocks are simply loaded, the machine then notches the spine and applies the glue and binds to the cover in a matter of seconds. The book can be unloaded in seconds and the next one loaded.

The DB-280 is also capable of producing glue edged pads with the same ease of operation. Push button control turns off the wrap around cover table and allows the operator to quickly and efficiently produce glued pads ideal for NCR sets, visitor books and sign off job sheets.