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Citonak Citoborma Paper Drill with swinging head

£345.00 ex Vat | £414.00 inc.VAT

Citonak Citoborma drill 2

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Binding Store Ltd are pleased to offer you this great Citonak Citoborma paper drill with single swinging head.

This model is adjustable up to 130mm for easy drilling of 2 holes of a set distance.

. Adjustable back-stop up to 110mm depth.

. Drill capacity up to 60mm

. Drill bit diameter 3mm – 14mm

. Suitable for paper , card, plastics, textiles , leather ect

. Complete with Spanner, Sharpening kit & Wax paper.

This drill is extremley heavy duty and a great size to perfectly intergrate into any Printer, School or Office space with very minimal running noise. The swinging head feature offers you to adjust and drill multiple holes with the stock in situ.

This drill may not be the prettiest however it offers reliable, quick and consistent results fitted with a brand new 6mm teflon coated drill bit and running on single phase electricity.

Citonak Citoborma drill 2