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PaperFox R-761 Kisscutting, Creasing, Perforating Machine

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The Paperfox R-761 Kisscutting, creasing, perforating machine is the best manual feed kiss cutting machine in the World. It is a really durable machine. You can set the proper cutting position of the knives with ease with the help of the electric sensor. The delivery tray can be set to the proper position with a mechanism.

Ideal for:

  • Slitting the self-adhesive paper foil without cutting through the backing material
  • Slitting the back of the adhesive labels to help to remove the backing paper
  • Slitting card or plastic sheets before folding to give a sharp fold


  • Robust metal construction
  • Electric sensor to help set the knives to position

Accessories (Included):

Weight: 85 kg
Dimensions (width/length/height): 85/88/122 cm
Place demand (for the safe operation) 2m x 2m
Max. sheet size vezetőléc without guides:: 76 cm
– with one guide: 72 cm
– with two guides: 68 cm
Roller speed (3 gear): 100/150/200 rev/min
Operation speed: ~2000 (1000..5000) sheet/hour

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