• Paperfox MP-2 Paper punch
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Paperfox MP-2 Paper punch

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Paperfox MP-2 Paper punch

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Dimensions: (L x W x H) 550 x 410 x 1150 mm
Weight: ca. 11 kg
Tool size: 30 x 60 mm

Accessories delivered with the paper punch:
2 pcs back paper stop
1 pc side paper stop
1 pc EP-1 Euro slot tool (in the machine)
2 pcs VMP-1 cutting plate (1 pc in the machine)

Optional accessories:
EP-2 Euro slot tool
U-15, U-20, U-25 Calendar punch tool
RP-1 Corner guide
RP-20, RP-25 Corner rounding tool
MPA-2 Table
Individual tools

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Paperfox MP-2 Paper punch