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Duplo DC-745 Slitter Cutter Creaser

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Binding Store are pleased to offer this great condition 2014 Duplo DC-745 Slitter/ Cutter/ Creaser . This machine has had very minimal usage as you can see with only 307 man hours and 271298 sheets run!  The DC-745 is Duplo’s flagship multi-finisher designed for high volume digital colour print. It can slit, cut and crease a sheet in a single pass. Having always been serviced by Duplo on a contract and recently having new rollers fitted this machine really is ready to go. The RRP for this model is £84,220 so hurry as this offer wont be around long!

A very productive and versatile system, which can produce a wide variety of applications from finished sizes as small as 35mm to 1 metre in length. The combination of PC control, integrated image recognition and motorised tooling is the perfect example of how the DC-745 has what we call AUTOMATED PRECISION.

The DC-745 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser is Duplo’s most powerful all-in-one digital color finishing solution. Taking the success of the popular DC-645 model to the next level, the DC-745 is the ideal companion for mid to high volume production digital printers. Offering greater speed, productivity, and versatility, the DC-745 not only processes jobs faster but also finishes a wider range of digitally-printed applications in a single pass. Performing up to 10 slits, 20 cuts, and 15 creases all in one pass, this digital color finisher eliminates white borders and toner cracking on fold lines, producing professionally finished documents in a matter of minutes. The DC-745 comes loaded with new features, including a higher feed capacity and a PC Controller for easy job setup, as well as offers a range of optional modules for scoring and perforating enabling users to go beyond basic finishing. Now you can create innovative, full-bleed applications including business cards, brochures, greeting cards, postcards, and much, much more!

High Speed

With the digital print market growing daily, print service providers are experiencing that while their short-run jobs are increasing, the quantities per order are shrinking. Providers need to deliver in faster turnaround times while generating higher revenues and profits, and the need for high speed and quick changeovers are more important now than ever in today’s on demand environment. Designed to do just that, the DC-745 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser:

• Finishes jobs at fast speeds of up to 50 sheets per minute.
• Reads and processes barcodes and registration marks at
up to 40 sheets per minute.
• Uses the barcode reader to automatically recall preset
jobs, set up the system, and read the registration mark
to adjust for the sheet-by-sheet image shift, finishing each
piece accurately every time.
• Can store and recall an infinite number of jobs when
using the standard PC Controller, enabling users to
perform changeovers in less than 20 seconds.

High Productivity

Among the key features of the DC-745 are its increased feed capacity and improved feeding system. An almost 6-inch capacity on both the feeding and receiving ends enables users to run jobs continuously with minimal reloading and unloading required. Sheets
are fed with Duplo-patented technology using 12 feed belts to ensure consistency and 10 registration belts to help maintain the sheets aligned parallel to the paper path. Also new to the DC-745:
• Elevator Stacker – Ideal for smaller documents, such as business cards and postcards, this 3.5-inch capacity stacker automatically lowers as the finished pieces are delivered, keeping them neatly stacked and organized. The elevator stacker holds pieces as small as 2” x 2” and is easily removed to accommodate larger documents.
• Waste Chopper – To prevent the waste bin from filling up
prematurely, the waste chopper cuts down the margins
and gutters into even smaller pieces reducing downtime
even furter.

Ease of Use

The DC-745 comes included with the PC Controller software package, which allows users to operate the system from a PC via USB interface. By using the wizard, operators can create new jobs, make adjustments, and save an unlimited number of jobs on the hard drive for quick and easy recall. The PC Controller drives any function of the DC-745 such as start/ stop, processing tests, and setting the counter.

High Versitility

The versatility of the DC-745 has been truly extended with a variety of new optional scoring and perforating modules, making it possible to quickly enhance its capabilities. The DC745 provides two areas where operators can mix and match any two optional modules to meet the requirements of more complex jobs. It is this type of high versatility that enables users to truly get creative with their designs and expand their product offerings. Add any of the following options and the DC-745 becomes the single most versatile finishing solution.
Optional Modules*
• The Rotary Tool Module offers two independently
adjustable rotary tool slots, which allow users to easily
switch between scoring, perforating, micro-perforating,
and slit-scoring while using the same module.
• The Cross-Perforating Module* adds a perforation across
the width of the sheet, perpendicular to the paper path.
Each blade can be customized to perforate only certain
parts of the sheet.
• The Strike-Perforating Module* allows operators to specify
where the wheels are to activate and de-activate.
Combining this with the cross-perforating module allows
users to produce a “T” or “L” shape perforation in-line.
• Additional Slitting Modules. Each slitting module has two
independent sets of slitters. When installing two optional
slitting modules at a time, users can process a maximum of
10 slits [6 standard slitters + 2 slitters (optional slit module
1) + 2 slitters (optional slit module 2)]. Additional gutter
deflectors are required

In addition to finishing business cards, postcards, and brochures, with the use of optional scoring, perforating and cutting modules, the DC-745 can produce a wider array of full-bleed, digitally-printed applications. Unique Applications
• 24-up full-bleed business cards (with no additional module
• “L” perforated business card within a postcard*
• Slit-score greeting cards (for perfect lay-flat qualities)
• Direct mail pieces with “T” or “L” perforated reply cards*
• Micro-perforated coupons
• Event tickets (with multiple perfs)
• 2” x 2” mini cards for clothing tags and more
• Accordion cards (with up to 15 creases)