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Nagel Foldnak 8 Booklet maker + Trimmer

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Nagel Foldnak 8 Booklet maker + Trimmer

  • Precise stapling and accurate folding
  • CD booklets up to SRA3
  • Short set up times saves time for production
  • Max number of booklets per hour 2,000
  • 2006 Model in excellent condition

We now have for sale an good condition Nagel Foldnak 8 Booklet maker + Trimmer. This machine is ideal for short run digital print booklet making. This machine will be supplied with standard and Loop stitch ability. It is fitted with “Digital Stock” rollers to enable easy feeding of coated digital stocks

Contact us to arrange a demonstration of this machine at our showroom based in Welwyn Garden City.

Precise stapling, accurate folding – the Nagel Foldnak 8 bookletmaker is extremely versatile, comes with a wide range of standard equipment and requires very little
set-up time. If the Foldnak 8 is combined with a Nagel collator, the units need not be realigned after a format change, since all Nagel units work with a centre register

The NAGEL FOLDNAK 8 + Trimmer is flexible.

What makes this machine so versatile is its wide range of formats. It can handle everything from the minimum format of 105 mm x 210 mm to CD booklets up to SRA 3 format. The operator can change from loop staples to normal staples without resetting the unit – with up to four staples per booklet. The unit also includes a corner and edge stapling function. n The short set-up times save time for production. Except for the back and side stops, adjustments are not required. Four stapling heads can remain permanently installed – even if only two heads are used. This saves installation and conversion time.

Closed side stops ensure a perfect paper transport. The stops can be easily adjusted by means of a user-friendly guide. The Online Box can process statically charged paper, thanks to the integrated jogger and the feed belt with guide roller. n Accurate spine stapling with the patented Foldnak principle: The unit staples and folds in one pass, without moving the paper, so that the staple always sits directly in the fold. Mobile clenchers make for particularly long-lasting booklets. The stapling technique with the original Nagel stapling head is proven and reliable. The stapling head is very robust and can process loop staples and standard staples without conversion.

The comprehensive standard equipment includes an adjustable delivery conveyor, automatic release, side jogger, reset counter, signal lamp, misfeed control, staple empty indicator, mis-stapling control. Spoilage is prevented by means of a detection system. The simple handling saves time and money. Wear parts can be replaced, keeping maintenance costs low.