• Hohner 8 Bookletmaker

Hohner 8 Bookletmaker

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Hohner 8 Bookletmaker (Nagel Foldnak 8)

The Hohner 8 Bookletmaker excel’s in it’s generation of document making;¬†Its versatility and short set up times make it an outstanding machine in the production of booklets at a profit. No need to decline bespoke orders, the Hohner 8 Bookletmaker production levels challenge it’s price and benefit ratio which allows you to calculate jobs to your advantage.

The Hohner 8 standard features include electric delivery (adjustable), staple control, control lamp, side jogging, copy counter, feed control, and staple miss control.

Heavy Duty and accessible, The Hohner 8 can also be combined with a collator or/and trimmer, enabling up to 2,000 booklets an hour to be collated, stapled, folded, pressed and trimmed on-line.

The Hohner 8 Bookletmaker can be connected to all standard bench-top collators. For on-line face trimming, the Hohner 8 Trimmer presses and trims without needing any interference.


  • No need for highly qualified operators
  • High productivity speed
  • Finishing booklets from CD size right up to landscape A4

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