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Soyuz (Sterling) OMM spine taping machine

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Soyuz (Sterling) OMM spine taping machine

Binding Store are pleased to offer this second user Soyuz OMM Spine taper in great condition. Take the pain out of manual labour intensive hand work with this easy to use Spine taping machine.

Using the Soyuz-OMM spinetaper is a fast way to apply Spine Tape to pads or books.

Manufactured in Italy this machine is ideal for producing cheque book style voucher pads, delivery note books, invoice pads etc. It is a much quicker than trying to apply the tape by hand plus there is a much more consistent finish. Each book/pad takes only approx 5 seconds.

Fixed margin on one side so ideal for consistent artwork size on the front cover.

The OMM spine taping machine is for fast and accurate operation large or small quantities of books providing an attractive bound finish to documents/pads that have been stapled or glued.

The single cast-alluminium frame and overall construction allows the backing tape to be applied to the spine, cut to the correct length, and formed to the front and back of the books in one straight-through operation giving maximium throughput.
Self-adhesive or gummed tapes can be used allowing full flexibility.
The minimum thickness of book which can be taped is 2.5 mm, and the maximum thickness is 35 mm. the maximum length of spine is 410 mm with automatic tape cut off, but longer spines can be accomodated if the cut off knife is triggered manually
The minimum width tape is 25mm and Maximum width tape is 50mm.