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Renz Protective Face Shield 50x Head Strap / 50x Shield Pack

£499.00 ex Vat | £598.80 inc.VAT

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To counteract the shortage of personal protective equipment and use our know-how and production skills to produce #FaceShields to contribute to the containment of the Coronavirus. Renz face shields cover the face area (eyes/nose/mouth) extensively. The elastic head band is easily adjustable and suitable for adults and children alike. The face protection shield, with 15 mm forehead padding, is comfortable and hard wearing.

  • Full face protection (mouth/nose/eyes)
  • Comfortable to use due to soft forehead pad
  • Easy to adjust rubber band
  • Maximum head movement possible
  • Suitable for use with glasses
  • Optimal air circulation prevents shield from fogging
  • One size fits all
  • Surgical mask change possible without removing face shield
  • Replacement shields available

Protective face shield is certified to: EN 166.2001 PSA/Rev. 01 2.4.2020 – Test principles COVID-19 threat: (EU) regulation 2016/425 PSA (March 9th 2016) Category II (March 9th 2016) according to annex II Certified by ECS – 1120-ECS-20 as of April 17th 2020 ECS type approval– 1120-ECS-20 / MR 11201-ECS-20

This is not medical equipment. Used alone it is not sufficient to protect from infections. The additional use of a surgical mask is highly recommended.