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Fujipla ALM 3220 Al-Meister Fully Automatic Laminator

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Binding Store are pleased to offer this fantastic condition Fujipla ALM 3220 Al-Meister Fully Automatic Laminator. This machine has only done 3760 sheets it its lifetime making it a great buy for anyone looking for a fully automatic laminator.

The Fujipla ALM 3220 Al-Meister fully automatic laminating machine has functions such as automatic feeding, laminating and automatic framing capabilities. In fact, all operations are automatically handled. The operator simply puts the document they would like to laminate into the feeder, pushes the start button and all the laminating work is done automatically.  With the Fujipla ALM 3220 every operation is automatically done including setting the film, inserting operation, etc. It takes only 3 minutes to finish laminating 10 sheets of A4 size paper. For A3 size paper, it takes only 5 minutes. This cuts the amount of time that it takes to laminate and trim documents in half for most companies and is ideal for use with a single sheet of paper or for mass production. The Fujiplay ALM 3220 laminator includes an advanced automatic feeder that enables loading up to 200 sheets and will drastically reduce the work of the operator. Patented technology from Fujipla automatically aligns and guides the paper and the automatic feeder continuously provides paper. All of this makes the Fujipla ALM 3220 simple enough that anybody can operate the Al-Meister easily. Basic operation is very simply done with the start and stop buttons. The LCD panel shows the status of the operation, settings and the counter. When the operation is complete a sound notifies the user. Automatic trimming in two modes widens the application of the Fujiplay ALM 3220. The Al-Meister automatically senses the size of the paper (letter, double letter, digital paper) and selects the proper size. There are two modes. One is, laminate with a highly durable and waterproofing effect. The other is, laminate without margin, which is convenient for documents only requiring surface treatment. The modes can be easily changed and the film waste will be automatically saved into the film waste box.

Product Details

  • Stack feeding up to 200 sheets
  • Automatic four side trimming with option of flush cut or sealed edge (encapsulation) with very tight finished tolerances +/-0.05MM
  • Automatic trim waste disposal into bin in supplied cabinet stand
  • Automatic Stacking of Laminated sheets
  • Foot print of a small copier/printer
  • Plug in to standard 3 pin socket
  • Will not operate until laminating temperature is reached, then auto start
  • Automatic Stand-by low power option when idle <1 minute re power up
  • Auto shut down and notification when feed tray is emptied or film supply exhausted
  • Roll Film supply mounted on the unwind mandrel exactly centered and matched for perfect alignment of top and bottom roll
  • Film roll includes a pressure sensitive adhesive strip at the beginning of the roll for easy threading during a film roll change.


  • Model: Al-Meister ALM 3220
  • Laminating Speed: 1.2 m/min
  • Warm Up Time: Approx. 5 Minutes
  • Max. Laminating Thickness: 300 gsm
  • Film Thickness: 38 micron to 75 micron
  • Paper Feeding: 200 Sheet Capacity; Skew-free feature; Paper guide
  • Trimming Methods: 2 modes: with/without margin with A4 or A3/ digital paper self determination system and Film Waste Box
  • Operation Panel: 

    LCD Monitor: Temperature setting, Speed setting, Current / Total counter, Error messages, Margin setting.
    Operation Button: Start, Stop, Up and Down, Setting, Temperature/Speed Switch.
    Indication Lamp: Speed, Temperature, Heat, Error

  • Other Features: Lamination counter, Film Tension Control, Operation Lever, Automatic Stop at Film End, Power Saving Mode (standby), Emergency Stop Function.