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Renz Lamigator IQ A3

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Heavy Duty, attractive and high-performance pouch laminating machines in a metal-housing. Suitable for all types of laminating up top 250 Micron thickness.

The laminator with intelligent functions: IQ auto run, IQ anti-jam, IQ power off. The IQ sensor detects the product to be laminated and sets itself automatically for a perfect laminating result.

  • Heating-up time of 50 Seconds
  • IQ auto run: IQ Sensor detects the product to be laminated and automatically adjusts
  • IQ anti-jam: IQ Anti-Jam – Ensures secure pouch guidance through laminator preventing jams
  • IQ power off: IQ Intelligence turns power off automatically after 30 minutes of no laminating
  • High laminating speed
  • Elegant metal design
  • Brilliant colours and higher contrast after lamination
  • For all important documents, certificates, menus, drawings, photos, etc
A3 / 330mm (13”)
Pouch thickness up to
Pouch thickness up to
250 mic.
Product thickness up to
Product thickness up to
0,8 mm


Max. laminated A4 sheets per hour
Max. laminated A4 sheets per hour
Max. 1000 mm/min. (Variable)