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IDEAL 4860 ET Programmable Guillotine With Safety-Curtain



Binding Store Ltd are pleased to offer this immaculate Ideal 4860-ET Programmable Guillotine.

Installed New in 2013 and minimal use makes this a perfect choice for a Digital Printers or Copy Shop needing the latest model but not having the budget for a brand new machine.

This machine comes complete with 3 spare blades, 2 spare cutting sticks, Tool holder and tools for blade changing and operators manual.

Professional guillotine with EASY-CUT, automatic clamp, programmable power backgauge with touch pad and IR light beam safety curtain on the front table.
Efficient and safe cutting and trimming is guaranteed by the IR light beam safety curtain on the front table. Additional safety is provided by the transparent safety cover on the rear table.
Patented EASY-CUT activating bars: A cut can be executed conveniently by means of the patented EASY-CUT blade activating bars, which guarantee a safe two-hand operation.
Extremely convenient and easy-to-use: Electronic control module for the power backgauge with multilingual touch pad. 99 programs with up to 99 steps can be stored. Also useful: the pre-programmed DIN sizes and the automatic memory for repeat cuts.
Electronic hand wheel for manual backgauge positioning with infinitely variable speed control (from very slow to very fast).
The optical cutting line with bright, durable LEDs shows where the cut will be performed and helps to align cutting marks precisely for accurate cuts.
The “SCS” package extends to servicing such as changing the blade. There is no need to remove any machine casing. An easy to handle blade-changing device provides a covering of the cutting edge and a safe hook-in device for the blade carrier. By locating and holding the unbolted blade, this device guarantees quick and risk-free blade replacement.