Binding Machines

Which BINDING MACHINE is best for your needs?

Here at Binding Store we have an extensive knowledge of binding machines, whether its for an office or you are looking for a professional, automatic binding machine, we are here to help. We supply a huge range of new and used machines including the whole range of Renz binding machines, who are experts in the wiro binding industry. We stock all binders from the entry level equipment all the way up to the professional equipment that is often in use around the clock.

Home/Office Binding Machine

If you are looking to wire bind manually and not to often then we have a range of entry level binders that are affordable but still high quality. Maybe start off with looking at our Renz binders – Renz RW Home and the Renz Eco Home – these 2 machines won’t break the bank but still guarantee you the exceptional high build quality Renz are renowned for in the UK and internationally. Perhaps you are in a small office and need a binding machine that is a bit more substantial? Maybe the Renz SRW 360 or the Renz Eco S 360 is the more appropriate wiro binder for you. Each machine is simple to use and can also be upgraded to become an electric wire machine for easier operation.

Professional Binding Machine

Perhaps you are an established bindery or looking to expand in to the wire binding market? We can help you establish what machine and equipment would best suit your needs. With years of experience in working in the print finishing industry, we can offer an unparalleled level of knowledge to customers and understand exactly what it is they are looking for. We offer a range of book binding and calendar binding that are reliable yet simple to use.

We have over 25 years’ experience serving a wide range of clients in the binding and print finishing market. Our machines are used in the commercial print sector and in offices for small scale binding of presentations. If you are interested in purchasing a binding machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us.